About us

family run business with 40 years in the Timber industry

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Luton Green Sawmill is a family run business, based in Devon near Honiton and Exeter. We started in 1985 and have more than 40 years experience in the timber industry. We supply a wide range of hardwoods and softwoods and either air dried or kiln dried for a range of different use's ranging from flooring in your home to Oak timber trusses and A-frames also we supply quality timbers to boat builders for steam bending, boats, chairs and more

We source our timber from the UK where possible but english Oak is not in great supply so most of our Oak comes from european countries mainly France and Germany where the timber is grown in vast forests which allows it to grow much taller and straighter it is also looked after through out its life and has less knots. The trees we buy are cut down during the winter months while the sap is down this means the timber is dryer and more stable

We are qualified visual hardwood graders, gradeing to BS standard: 5756 and CATG (certification and timber grading) We can grade green oak and chestnut to THA, THB, TH1 and TH2 grades.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements, we supply all across Devon.

Our supply is from forests where the trees are looked after through out its life, resulting in less knots.